Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Sale – His Control

Selling our home of 44 years was traumatic, but for me, selling our cottage that same year was even more traumatic. It was on Lake Charlevoix and the sale affected our children, their spouses and their children. Our home sold the morning the sign went up. Our cottage sold before the sign was up! We moved into a condominium and although it was not on the east side of town where we had grown up, it was close to our church and we had everything within about 10 minutes of our home. The ease with which everything happened made us feel in control, as if we were orchestrating the events of our lives.

However, when my husband had a stroke two years later we realized we weren’t in control at all. God is and He alone sees the Big Picture. God was at work in our lives, but we still didn’t consult Him or thank Him for the everyday things. As humans, we just want to be in control. We give the problem to Him and then try to do it our way. Although this is a natural response, it is wrong. We need to trust Him enough to allow Him to work in our lives the way He wants to.

Just as He took control of my living situation I need to let Him have control of me. I need to be thankful that He still blesses me and is with me during the hard times. Thank you, Jesus!

Annie-Laurie Robinson

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  1. That's right!
    I wonder how many times I'm going along, thinking I'm controlling things so well, and if I were able to see God - He would be smiling down at me, shaking His head and saying, Oh, Karen. If I let you be in control as much as you think you're in control, you would not be a happy lady.
    He sees what I cannot see, and He knows what I do not know. I'm so glad HE is in control!