Friday, April 2, 2010

Is there an App for that?

This past week I was able to upgrade to one of those new fancy fandangled cell phones. While there was a bit of excitement at first, I quickly found myself sucked into browsing the millions of free applications of additional features that I supposedly “could not live without.” Do I really need an application to remind me to feed my cat the newest kind of cat food? ... umm … not really. The only worthwhile application I found useful was an NIV Bible application. Quite honestly, it was the only true product that would show me what my life really needs in order to find direction and happiness (much more useful than even MapQuest!).

Here are 5 reasons why God’s word is better than phone applications:

  1. It makes promises and is guaranteed to deliver – it never crashes!
  2. It is relatively easy to share with others (does not require an “in network” connection).
  3. It gives directions that are proven to be reliable (Beta tested and approved and 24-hour tech support!).
  4. It is designed by an engineer who understands the public’s true needs.
  5. It assists in prioritizing daily activities.

… all this and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

I’m not sharing this to completely bash technology and applications, but rather to pose the suggestion that God’s word is able to provide many similar things that are our heart’s true desires. As women, we are inundated daily with concerns and worries of our families and friends. We feel these needs deeply. I tend to over-think and run to quick-fix solutions (like phone applications) that clearly do not begin to hit the true needs of these problems.

What “applications” do you tend to run to in your life that are substitutes for God’s word? Are you willing to seek these same answers through daily “browsing” and application of His truth?

Sheryl Patry


  1. I get so caught up in this thing called "life" that daily reading of God's word seems to be last thing on my list. I forget that every problem that I face in my life can be found in the bible. How much more my life could be if I made God's word a priority. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  2. Sheryl, I need His Word every day. For your five reasons AND the 'much, much more.'
    I had a hard time with this when the kids were small, because I felt guilty that I wasn't reading my Bible every day. Thought I needed to earn His favor by doing Bible time, ya know?
    But God graciously showed me that 'me reading the Bible' is for MY benefit - not His. He has so much to say, love to give, wisdom to share, grace to teach...And I am so thankful!