Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Introspective Perspective

When I was asked to write for this blog, I was concerned that I didn’t have anything “deep” enough to share. Five years ago, I would have been able to come up with all kinds of deep, meaningful, and spiritual nuggets. I began to ponder why I wasn’t as introspective as I used to be. God gave me the answer.

Five years ago I got married at the age of 38. Before marriage, I would spend time with Jesus at night. I’d snuggle into bed, quiet down for the day, and the Lord and I would talk. No matter what I was going through, I felt completely wrapped in His love. I was also a missionary on the home front; I was a single woman with purpose! Ministry forced me to be introspective and open to hearing from the Lord. I used to ask him constantly to keep me humble, in love with Him and His people, and open to His leading. It was all my heart wanted.

Enter husband. I had to adjust to sharing my space and time with someone 24/7. No longer could I come home from work and just flop; I had wifely duties. My focus really shifted. This week, however, I’ve been reminded of a verse: 1 Corinthians 7:34

… An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord’s affairs; her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world — how she can please her husband.

So, it has begun to click for me. Those many years of being single were a blessing, a very special time. Being married is also a blessing. I believe it’s an act of worship on my part to care for, love and take care of my husband and home. What I need to learn is balance. Writing this article has caused me to be introspective, at least for today. I’m encouraged to begin to take the steps needed to get to that sweet place again. I realize it’s going to look different than it did back in the day, but that’s okay because this is my journey, and I’ve invited the Lord to be a part of it.

Sally Hall


  1. Ah, Sally - How true it is! I can't tell you how many times I have thought how 'nice' it would be to be single again - free from the responsibilities of husband and children. (We're allowed to be honest here, right?) But then God graciously reminds me how blessed I am as a wife and mother.
    And He shows me that He is just as present in the midst of the noise and chaos as He is when my surroundings are peaceful and quiet, and ripe for introspection.
    Oh, I am so glad God's goodness is not dictated by our circumstances!


  2. As a single woman, I agree that it can be a blessing and we do have more freedom in some things. I don't have to ask my husband if I can go out with the girls or arrange for childcare and meals for my family if I go away on a scrapbook weekend. But it can be just as difficult for single people to find balance as those who as married. After all, I have no one to help me with yard work, inside chores, finding a roofer. Those responsibilities all fall on me and there are many days I fall into bed exhausted from the day and realize that I never really spent time with the Lord.

    I like what Karen said about how God is not dictated by our circumstances. Whether married or single, our first priority should be our relationship with the Lord. Thanks for the encouragement, Sally, to find that sweet spot and stay in it!

  3. Single or married...both hold their share of challenges. In either case, God is there in the midst of it, allowing us choices and opportunity to have balance. Some days, I hate the single life, other days I love it. I do know that regardless of my feelings, God provides a rich pool of nourishment, wisdom, and insight. The question is, are we willing to seek Him in that pain or frustration...