Patricia Harvey

Q: Who are you anyway?
A: Patricia Harvey

Where might someone see you around Trinity?
A: On Tuesdays you can find me with other ladies at “Coffee Club,” a ministry to help with projects for the Children’s Department. On Wednesday morning, every other week, I work in the three-year-old class with Moppets. On Wednesday nights, I am a table leader for Women2Night Bible study and the shepherd for the leaders. And once a month I work at the registration desk in the Children’s Department.

Q: What are your “vital stats”?
A: I have been married to the Love of My Life, Jim, for 40 years. We have three adult children who serve the Lord — Tricia, Lori and Ryan; eight grandchildren; and two great grandchildren. I ran a daycare/nursery school out of my home for 16 years called Mother’s Care Christian Nursery. My husband and I have shared in leading several Marriage Enrichment Classes for couples. I directed a Dare to Care program for 10 years and am a mentor.

Q: What are your passions?
A: I have a passion for encouragement — to build up women of all ages and, by this time in my life, I can identify with most of them. I love to entertain people in our home. My greatest passion is to draw people to the Lord and pray the sinner’s prayer with them.

Women want to know...what is your favorite indulgence?
A: Anything that goes with coffee — donuts, cookies, cake or pie!

Q: Now dream big here, if (huge if!) you had a day to yourself with no chores or obligations, how would you spend it?
A: Coffee with my friend, Sue, at the Bookstore; shop at Michaels or Hobby Lobby; light lunch at Panera; home for a nap; shower; and go out to dinner and a movie with my husband.