Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Connect @ Church

Recently, I was early for church (that doesn’t happen as often as I would like), so I camped out in the atrium with my Styrofoam cup of coffee. The closer it came to the start of service, the more people started mingling and filling the atrium. Dozens filtered in and out and I didn’t recognize a face. For a few minutes I realized how lonely it could be for someone who wasn’t connected at Trinity to mingle before and after service. I had just decided to make another trip to the drinking fountain when I noticed someone I knew from the Worship Arts team. She smiled at me, mouthed “hi!” and waved from across the room. Then I noticed a group of friends that play flag football with me as part of Trinity’s Sports Ministry. As I crossed the atrium to say hello, I ran into a couple I met through Starting Point. Wow! I went from knowing no one in the room to being surrounded by friends in a matter of minutes!

As I went in to the service a few minutes later I felt blessed to have so many friends in Christ that also share my love for Trinity. I regret that it took me three years before I got involved in ministry at Trinity, but now that I am connected through the ministries and programs, I am building stronger relationships with my brothers and sisters in Christ and feel more at home in my home church.

I encourage those of you who feel disconnected and alone at Trinity to check out Trinity’s ministry programs and find an area of ministry that interests you. Being active at Trinity is a wonderful way to meet people and develop Christ-centered relationships. If you are already connected, and like me are feeling blessed by the friendships you have at Trinity, I encourage you to reach out to others who may not have those relationships yet. They need you!

Andrea Perry

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