Anne Cody

Q: Who are you anyway?
A: Anne Cody
Q: Where might someone see you around Trinity? 
A: Director of Group Life at Trinity (small groups and communities — women’s, men’s, young adults, singles, Sunday morning communities, TEC communities, etc.)
Q: What are your “vital stats”?
A: Married to my sweetheart, Mark, for 31 years. We have three children — Kevin, 28, a pastor in Ohio; Bryan, 25, a veterinary student in California; Caitlin, 23, working in a sheltered workshop in Lansing. My mom, Polly, lives with us as well as cats Beanie and Josie; my mom’s Tibetan Spaniel, Tin-Tin; and my new Australian cattle dog (who is afraid of cattle), Rex. My occupation is ministry. I’m working on a master’s degree at a seminary, but in my former occupation, I was a freelance writer and editor.
Q: What are your passions? 
A: Jesus, His Word, my family, people, animals (especially my pets), travel (especially missions), books, the Cubs, and the Beatles.
Q: Women want to know...what is your favorite indulgence? 
A: Hard to decide! Maybe a nap on a Sunday afternoon, a slice of Grand Traverse Pie Company’s Key Lime Cheesecake, or time alone with my husband.
Q: Now dream big here, if (huge if!) you had a day to yourself with no chores or obligations, how would you spend it? 
A: In the winter: A day in pajamas with a fire in the fireplace, goofing off with my family, maybe reading a good mystery. In good weather: Traveling someplace with my family to see something new and interesting.