Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Choose Your Circles Wisely

Do you notice your behavior or attitude change around certain people? Everyone has different circles of friends, and I have had mine: my circle of Christian friends, and then the trouble type friends who drank too much, and then the circle of friends that actually suffered from negativity just like me. You know what I found? When I hung out with my friends suffering from negativity and hopelessness it actually triggered an attitude of negativity and hopelessness in my life. It was as if we all had this contagious element that would spread and intensify when we hung out, even pulling the most positive of us back into the pit.

With my friends who liked to “go out” and spend their evenings and weekends drinking away, I always felt pressured to take shots or order drinks when they did. I was always sorry when I chose to go with them and waste my time with drunken people desperately searching for happiness in a place that only offers addiction and enslavement.

Finally, my last circle of friends — those who live their lives to glorify God. When I spend time with them I feel refreshed by their love, joy, and peace. Their joy doesn’t come from a bottle, but from God, and it is real and constant. Evenings spent at a coffee house, talking over things that are challenging us or ways that God is revealing Himself to us ministers to my spirit. When I leave I felt uplifted, hopeful, and excited for what the next day would bring.

I encourage you to honor God with how you spend your very valuable time because it truly matters. Choose your circles wisely, and if any of you lacks wisdom, ask God for it! He will give it to you.

Andrea Perry


  1. So true and such a great reminder!!!

  2. Just love this blog! Wish I'd found it years ago...