Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Didn’t Know

My family and I were talking about Jesus the other night -- discussing who we believe He is, and who other people say He is. And I shared with my children who I used to think Jesus is.

When I was a child, I believed in God. I went to church. (Most Sundays. Unless I could convince my mom I was just too tired to get out of bed.) And I thought that’s where God lived. In my understanding, God lived in church and He didn’t come out. Just sat there and waited for us to come see Him on Sundays. I had no idea God was present in every day. Didn’t realize He was involved in every detail of my life. I just didn’t know He was more than a story we talked about on Sundays.

Then my daughter asked me if I prayed when I was a child. And I told her I did! Before dinner and before bed. Again -- I did not know God wanted me to talk to Him about everything. I just didn’t know He cared about anything in my life besides thanking Him for my food and laying me down to sleep.

I cannot begin to express my thankfulness for God’s grace and mercy toward me. He reached out to a young college student who didn’t know she was lost, who didn’t know she was missing the most amazing relationship there is, and He revealed Himself to her.

Since Jesus has come into my life, nothing has ever been the same. Now I know He is present in every moment, and I can trust Him with each one. Now I know He cares about everything, and I can talk to Him about it all. I’m so glad He has saved me from all I didn’t know!

How has your understanding of God changed over the years?

Karen Hossink


  1. I was right there too. God belonging in a church on a Sunday, was one of my top beliefs as a child. But the one that has changed the most, was my view of Him as an angry God, to one of mercy and love. Somehow my church rarely showed that.

  2. Angie - I understand what you're saying. I think it's sad when God gets portrayed wrongly by people.
    ~ Karen