Cathy Bytwerk

Q: Who are you anyway?
A: Cathy Bytwerk

Q: Where might someone see you around Trinity? 
A: Coordinator of women’s ministry, keyboard volunteer on the worship team, childcare volunteer
Q: What are your “vital stats”?
A: Married to Dennis for 37 years; three children who are all married; nine grandchildren ages two months to 13. “Bob” the cat who thinks he’s a dog. Various outdoor country pets like deer, rabbits, fox, etc. I’m primarily a stay-at-home wife and I substitute teach when available for middle schoolers on up.  
Q: What are your passions? 
A: I’m an avid volunteer whether it’s for caring for my grandchildren, taking meals to those in need, or volunteering at church. I desire to see women grow in their relationship with Christ. Leading them to discover what’s missing in that relationship or improve on what they have is uplifting to me. On the lighter side, I’m passionate about playing golf as recreation and cooking and exercising to stay fit.
Q: Women want to know...what is your favorite indulgence? 
A: I indulge in chocolate. I like it in both liquid and solid forms.
Q: Now dream big here, if (huge if!) you had a day to yourself with no chores or obligations, how would you spend it? 
A: Spending a day with no obligations could take on several different looks due to the weather. I love to have pajama days when I can sit at the piano and play and sing away my favorite gospel and Broadway songs. After that, weather permitting, I’d head to the golf course followed by some pool time and capped off with a beautifully prepared and tasty seafood meal. If time permitted, a flick of impeccable taste would be great!