Sally Hall

Q: Who are you anyway?
A: Sally Lane Hall
Q: Where might someone see you around Trinity? 
A: I’m not currently involved in ministry. From 1998-2005, I was the director of Teen Parents first in Livingston County and then the Lansing Area. It’s a ministry of Youth for Christ.
Q: What are your “vital stats”?
A: Married for five years to Jon Hall. We have four pets; Lilly the dog and Maya, Chi-Chi and Ivy, all cats. My mom, dad, brother and his wife and two boys live in the Pinckney area. By marrying into the Hall family I’ve inherited lots of brothers- and sisters-in-law, 27 nieces and nephews, and I don’t know how many great nieces and nephews! I am a registered medical assistant and have a BS in Family Life Education. I’m currently one of the volunteer coordinators at Hospice of Lansing, where I’ve been for two and a half years. Once a month I facilitate a support group for families and patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease. I’ve been doing that for six years.
Q: What are your passions? 
A: I love to garden. You can find me outdoors working in my flower and veggie gardens from the time it warms up until first frost! I love to cook and bake and use lots of alternative and interesting ingredients to create new dishes. I love to read, create craft items using natural materials found on our property. I also have a heart for the downtrodden, the broken and the unloved.
Q: Women want to know...what is your favorite indulgence? 
A: Hot bubble baths, homemade soaps, buying new plants for my gardens. Food indulgence — I treat myself to one banana split a year!
Q: Now dream big here, if (huge if!) you had a day to yourself with no chores or obligations, how would you spend it? 
A: I would start off by working outside in my gardens in the morning, and then around noon I would head to the beach with a good book.  I’d come home, take a little siesta and then around dusk head back outside to work some more in the gardens.