Monday, April 19, 2010

The Power of Three

There’s something appealing about the number 3! God blessed my husband and me with three kids, so that seems like the perfect number to us. A basic chord is made up of three notes; Plato thought the soul had three parts; and in baseball, you get three strikes before you’re out. Even children’s stories feature lots of threes — the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, and The Three Pigs, to name a few.

The most important three is the Trinity — Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If God Himself is three, it has to be a number of beauty and perfection. So there are lots of reasons to value the number three.

One of the reasons I love the number three is because of SHE Follows, Trinity’s mutual mentoring ministry. SHE Follows equips women to form groups of three (triads) to pursue Jesus. We don’t form the groups for you, but we will give you instructions and a journal to get you started. You ask the Lord who He wants you to meet with, then invite them to join you in a friendship focused on increasingly loving and obeying Jesus.

SHE Follows is based on a few (okay, I admit it, four!) important principles. SHE Follows encourages women to follow Christ through

1. transparency and accountability

2. personalized study of the Word

3. intentional spiritual transformation

4. replication — each member committing to take on two more women after a triad comes to an end

I’ve been in two triads for a while now, and the women I’m with are so precious to me! We explore God’s Word, pray together, encourage each other, and grow closer to each other and to Jesus through the joys and challenges life brings.

Just as three notes produce a pleasing musical chord, three friends who pursue Jesus together create a harmony lovely to His ears and ours! And as He reminds us in Ecclesiastes, “a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

For more information, contact Kerri Kuzera or Michelle Harper, SHE Follows coordinators, at or

Anne Cody
Director of Group Life, Trinity Church

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  1. Anne, I have been so richly blessed by my mentoring relationships. We truly are 'better together.'
    Thanks for all you (and Kerri and Michelle!) have done to bring this program together.