Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Number 14

It was the early 1940s and we lived on a farm. I received a horse for my 14th birthday. She was a retired jumper and was 20 years old. I was thrilled! I had a horse! However, there was a catch. I had to promise I would clean the stall and feed her.

My grandson celebrated his 14th birthday recently. He chose where we would eat and his parents gave him a cell phone. His mom made up poems and different members of the family called him on his cell phone to recite the poems. He also received a fishing vest, a date with his dad to hit golf balls and a membership in a local gun club. He was thrilled!

Although my grandson and I turned 14 in different times periods and we had different needs and wants, we both had parents who loved us and wanted what was best for us. They gave us gifts out of love.

God wants what is best for us too. He loves us and gives us a gift that is free. However, there is a catch. We have to accept His gift. Sounds easy, but we also find it is easy to ignore Him and get on with our worldly lives.

I wasn’t always available to clean the stall or feed the horse, but daddy did it for me. With God it doesn’t work that way. He works in us but we have to do our part and He can’t do it for us. We have to accept His free gift of salvation and recognize we are all sinners saved by His grace. He gave it out of love.

My horse died at age 30. The cell phone will wear out. God’s gift will never die or wear out!

Annie-Laurie Robinson

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