Friday, October 15, 2010

Listen Up, Wiggle Worms!

I was reading a story to my five-year-old nephew the other day while he was sitting on my lap. The child would not stop fidgeting and moving and wiggling. I remember my dad calling me a wiggle worm on more occasions than I can count and I think I understand what he meant!

Logan was paying attention – mostly – and he wasn’t being bad. He just couldn’t seem to keep his little behind in one place. It drove me crazy and certainly distracted me from the story.

As I was thinking about that, it hit me – that’s me with God. My body might not physically move all around when I’m talking to Him or reading His Story but my mind sure does. Since I’m often sitting near a window when I spend time in the Word, I can find my mind wandering from “I wonder what that crow is doing” to “the neighbors let their cute little dogs out.”

My lack of focus drives me crazy; I can only imagine how frustrated God is by it. Not surprised but saddened nonetheless. And while I know He doesn’t get distracted by my inability to sit my mind still, I wonder how much of His message I miss out on. Experience has taught me that I hear God much more effectively when I shut out the daily distractions of life. What I am I missing when my thoughts of Him are interrupted with, “I really need to trim those hedges”?

What are useful ways you’ve found that help you focus during your time with God?

Patty Dextrom

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