Monday, August 9, 2010

Taking the Plunge

On our trip to Italy, my husband and I went to a chain of towns called the Cinque Terre (meaning Five Lands). These five towns were connected by trails, one being along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Let’s get some things clear — I am no athlete! I am not agile; I will fall. I don’t like to run. I am not fast and can’t jump very high. There are, however, two things I can do well — I am a good swimmer and I could walk all day. So when it comes to hiking and swimming, I am your girl.

During our hike through these towns there was a spot where Nick and I observed people jumping off of the pier, swimming out to a buoy, and back. My husband said “I will if you will; you first.” Of course, I had to take him up on this challenge and show him how it was done.

So we got to the pier, and I got on the edge to jump. I was so nervous, my heart was pounding, and my protective instincts were telling me to run back to the dock. I didn’t know the water temperature or even how deep it was, but I was determined to jump in anyway. I said a little prayer and dove in. The water was freezing but exhilarating! I swam out to the buoy, touched it, and then swam frantically to safety.

When I got out of the water Nick asked me how it was. I responded very calmly, “Oh, no big deal” (as I am trying not to hyperventilate). This prompted my husband to dive too, but he dove from a rock higher than I did (show off!).

Don’t let fear keep you on the dock! Take the plunge! Be daring! If I can, you certainly can too!

Michelle Heriford

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