Monday, August 16, 2010

Be Nice!

It’s no secret that the nicer you are to others, the happier you’ll be. Even a cheerful “good morning!” can brighten someone’s day. It doesn’t matter who you come across, whether it’s a grumpy salesperson, a rude coworker, a friend that you don’t really care for, or someone who cut you off on the road … be nice!! You might not want to, and you might feel weird doing it, but that’s when you need to the most: you need to show them kindness.

Please, the next time you feel like saying something smart or sarcastic, STOP! Those words are like seeds, and when you speak them you plant weeds of discontent and unhappiness in your own heart. Instead, plant seeds of happiness through acts of kindness, and I promise that you will reap a life that is more loving and happy.

Lately, I’ve noticed that we use social networks as vehicles to perpetuate a lot of negativity. I read things people write on Facebook and the status updates are mostly angry and generally negative — “my job sucks,” “I hate________”, “______is stupid.” Many times these are close friends and family saying these things.

People are so empty of love and it hurts me to see so many people unhappy. I challenge you that if you have a Facebook account, post something encouraging today! Take initiative and grow happiness in your life by sharing love and kindness with others. If someone is pouring out negative, discouraging, hurtful words your way, choose to be nice. Wherever you go, whoever you interact with (friends, coworkers, strangers, etc.), take a minute to show kindness and plant seeds of happiness. Not only will you be known as a nice person, but more importantly you will be a happy and kind person!

Andrea Perry

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