Friday, August 20, 2010

Music that Builds

This morning, while still in my comfy pajamas, I sat down to the piano to tickle a few keys. I have LOTS of music books to play from and some of them take me back to my younger years when I was developing as a new believer and music was a primary vein of building into me.

As I began to play I was overwhelmed and even brought to tears by the words that lifted off the page and into my heart. One song in particular took me back to camp days when I took a deeper step with God in my relationship with Him, actually making Him Lord of my life. The words and music were recalling my initial commitment to Christ but with a deeper realization to be pure. Read for yourself:

Verse 1:

According to Thy loving kindness, Father, have mercy on my sinful, wretched soul. Make me to know once more Thy joy and gladness, blot out my sin, oh cleanse and make me whole.


I humbly now acknowledge by transgression. Against thee only Father, is my sin. Restore to me the joy of my salvation. Oh purify my life, without, within.

Verse 2:

A contrite heart I offer Thee, dear Father, Oh hide Thy face from all my sin I pray.

According to Thy tender love and mercy, Oh pardon, Lord, this soul that went astray.

So I must ask the question — What songs have been powerful in your life? Even thinking about it causes me to look at all the music I love to listen to and ask, “How is this affecting me?” Am I a better person today because of the music that is building into my life? I’d love to hear from you.

Cathy Bytwerk
Song: Oh Purify My Life (Psalm 51), Cuban melody, Harmonized by R.C. Savage


  1. How Great Thou Art, especially verse three, gets my heart strings every time. And Thank You by Ray Boltz. Thank you gets me thinking about what I'm doing as a laborer. Am I bringing in the sheaves? Doing anything to further the gospel? Am I witnessing? And if I'm not fulfilling the great commission at least in part and I hear that song... Oh do I ever cry. And I cry anyway because of the powerful message... If others hadn't shared Christ with me I wouldn't be headed for Heaven, by the grace of God, either. Music is powerful. It can glorify God, enrapture the soul, stir memories, form memories, and more. The Creator is so imaginative! Only Jesus could have made something so amazing! :). Oh and the song your post was about is wonderful! I just found it in an older songbook a few weeks ago and love it. I cried and cried the first time I sang it through.