Friday, August 6, 2010

The Peace That Only Comes from God

Last month I wrote an entry on “Fruit of the Spirit … Peace” and talked about my friend who had Frontal Lobe Dementia and ALS. Sandy died in July at age 62 with her husband and two adult children by her side. Even greater than family, Sandy has had the Lord with her this entire journey. God ushered her into Paradise with that peace that passes all understanding.

Mark, Sandy’s husband, called me 20 minutes after Sandy had passed away, and I cried with him and said how sorry I was for his loss. After Jim and I each talked to Mark, we decided to go to the house to hug him and the children. When we arrived, Sandy’s body was still there and Mark was by her side holding her hand. He insisted that we come in to see the look of peace on her face. He kept saying how beautiful she looked and that the pain had left her. He was right, she was lovely. Her color was perfect and there were absolutely no wrinkles on her face; it was like porcelain! I have never been around a person so close to their death and have feared what it would be like. It was awesome … a God moment!

I remembered the Bible Study that Sandy and I had worked on just a few weeks earlier in Isaiah 43:1-7 where God said that He created us, He loves us, He protects us, and that we are to Fear Not. I had reserved my Monday mornings to meet with Sandy and have coffee and Bible Study for more than a year. I will miss her terribly but I know where she is, and I gain peace from that promise. Please pray for Mark, Matt, Bethany and the grandchildren.

Patricia Harvey

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  1. The peace that only comes from God. Yes!
    That is what I am praying for Mark, Matt, Bethany and the grandchildren. May God wrap His loving arms around them, and give them peace. Even as He is holding Sandy in His eternal arms right now!