Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Rollercoaster We Call “Life”

I am certain most everyone in my age bracket (early 30s) has been to Cedar Point at some point. I remember going there in the eighth grade with the junior high youth group. It was a BLAST! The rain, cold and motion sickness couldn’t bring us down. We were having the time of our lives!

I am convinced that junior high brains are not completely developed. I wouldn’t even consider going to Cedar Point today. I get motion sick just turning around in a circle. And in the rain ... doubt it! My hair would look terrible!

Life for me right now is a little bit of a rollercoaster, sometimes exciting, sometimes overwhelming and scary! I have some great things going on right now, great friends, great husband, a trip to Italy and a little baby on the way. But I also have some really sad things too. My grandmother is in hospice from a stroke. This has been very difficult for me and for my family. It makes me feel guilty for going on my long-awaited and planned vacation fearing that she will die while I am gone.

Where is God on the rollercoaster of life when it feels out of control? I always try to go back to what I know about God. I know God is good, and even in the bad, terrible situations He is still there. Sometimes that is hard to believe, especially when the rollercoaster is out of control or stuck on the top. So where is God on the rollercoaster? I think God is right in the rollercoaster with us. He is sitting next to us with His hands up screaming with excitement, holding our hand when we are scared, being the seatbelt holding us in or the mechanic to get us un-stuck. Bottom line, He is there, and He is good!

Michelle Heriford


  1. Ah, Michelle - I was just at Cedar Point last Friday. With my 68-year-old mother. And we had a BLAST!!! You really should go back sometime (After the baby's born, of course. *wink*) and give MaXair and SkyHawk at try. They're awesome.

    As for this rollercoaster we call 'life' - I fully agree with you. Sometimes it's scary. Sometimes I want to pull the I'm too short to ride this thing card, and get off!
    But God is right here with us. He knows all the twists and turns and loops. And we are safe because of Him.
    "Bottom line, He is there, and He is good." Amen!


  2. Michelle,
    I agree with you and Karen concering the Life Part. God is always right beside us in all of our situations. I heard someone say on a DVD the other day, "When you think that God is not with you or that He does not understand what you are going through,'Go Back To The Cross.' He gave His Son to die for undeserving!"
    As for the rollercoaster ride, I get motion sickness just backing out of my driveway to quickly. I will go to Cedar Point, but I will be the lady on the purple carousel pony, holding on really tight. Patricia Harvey