Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gifts for a Father

As I contemplated what to give my dad for a Father’s Day present (a man who has everything and buys what he doesn’t have and wants), I was reminded of a very special time with him several years ago.

My dad was down at the pond on his property cutting trees, mowing, hauling wood, playing on his tractor. This is what he lives for. It is really how I connect with my dad, working outside, being with him doing that kind of work. Well, I knew he was down at the pond, so I walked the trail to go see him one afternoon. As I heard the tractor, I began to run. I couldn’t wait to join him doing his work! Being with him in his domain, connecting with him, sharing time with him, deepening our relationship.

I’ve had a few episodes like this with my Heavenly Father; fewer though than I’m proud to admit. One time I was at a singles retreat, and we were all told to go off somewhere and take some time to be with our Lord. I actually ran to a secluded area in a field so that I could be quiet and be with my Heavenly Father. Being with Him in His domain, connecting with Him, sharing with Him, deepening our relationship.

Both times are seared into my memory as beautiful memories of how much a girl loves her dad and wants nothing more than to connect with him on a deep level. Sometimes our earthly dad isn’t capable of that for many reasons. But our Heavenly Dad … He’s always capable and willing for that connection, devotion and time spent with Him. It’s the best gift we can give Him.

Sally Hall

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