Friday, July 16, 2010


Ever wonder why you tend to collect more of one kind of thing? Last week, while cleaning out my extra closet, I noticed an unusually high volume of bags — duffel bags, backpacks, rolling bags of every size and shape. I guess it would be safe to call me a “bag lady.”

Ironically, God showed me how I tend to package my worries and problems into similar sorts of bags. Some burdens I can quickly throw into a tote bag (for easy removal) and others are just so huge that they require industrial-strength wheels to carry them around. Still, other concerns seem so large that they require a storage unit to lock them up with a deadbolt!

God shows us numerous times in His word His desire for us to trust Him with our burdens. But while I have experienced many breakthroughs in my walk when I surrender my burdens, it seems inevitable that I return to old patterns and start packing things up again. It is not until the bags become so heavy once again, that I am reminded of His desire to carry them.

A friend shared this moving video about bags and I thought you may enjoy it too.

Sheryl Patry

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  1. That was a great video. Thanks for sharing it.
    As we're heading into VBS this week, one of the questions we'll be considering is, 'Does God care about me?' As I watched that video, I was so thankful that HE DOES CARE!