Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prayer Cues

There has been a bright red cardinal hanging around on my deck a lot lately, so I’ve been praying for my friend, Angela. You see, quite some time ago Angela was going through a hard time and she told me a story about a bright red cardinal showing up outside her window on a dreary day. The bright red, contrasted against the grey sky, brought joy to Angela because red is her favorite color, and she was just sure God sent that cardinal into her view to remind Angela of His great love for her.
Ever since I heard that story, every time I see a cardinal I think of Angela — and I pray for her. The cardinal has become a prayer cue for me. I have lots of stories like Angela’s that have produced prayer cues.
  • When I see 11:11 on the clock, I pray for my husband.
  • When I hear the song “Speak to Me,” I pray for Rosemary.
  • When I hear “His Grace is Enough,” I pray for Leslie.
  • I pray for Kati whenever I hear someone say, “Bummer!”
  • I pray for my sons anytime I hear the song, “Wait and See.”
  • Anytime I come across the word “jealous,” I pray for Oprah. (Yes, “the” Oprah.)
  • Seeing “Selah” moves me to pray for Greta and Selah.
These prayer cues have become a special thing between God and me too. I feel like we’re a team. When a prayer cue surfaces, it’s as if He’s saying to me, Karen, your friend needs Me right now. Please pray. So I pray. Even though I may not know the specific need, my Father does. And I trust that He is able to handle the situation. What a joy it is to participate in His work!
Do you have any prayer cues?
Karen Hossink

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