Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Loving to Distraction

Sometimes when you think your life is just how you want it, something happens and you realize that even though your life is good, it’s nothing compared to what God wants you to have! Have you ever wanted something so badly that it started consuming every minute of your life? That every morning you woke up thinking about it, and when you talked with your friends it always came up in conversation? Have you ever wanted something in your life so much that you would give up anything for it? I'm talking about big stuff here — car, relationships, career, etc.? I’m not sure if I’m at that place or not, but I know I want that kind of distracting love for God in my life!

My desire is to love and live for God in such a way that it is distracting for those I interact with. I want to be a light so that no matter where I am I won’t be able to not talk about how good God has been to me. I know people that, no matter what they do or say, they bring God into it. If only I could be like that.

Truth: When you give God glory, something happens. When you focus on how great He is and all He’s done and is doing, something happens. It changes the way you think and the way you act. Your worldview changes, and people notice because His glory shines through you.

Jesus, take away my passions for the things of this world and increase my passion for You! Make my prayer this — “I’d rather have Jesus than anything this world affords today.”

Andrea Perry

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  1. Ah, yes!
    I want to be a distraction for God. Love this point of view. Thanks, Andrea.