Monday, September 6, 2010

You Have to See This!

Two years ago, I drove with my son Bryan on his 2,000-mile trek back to vet school in California. Always the adventurers, we spontaneously decided one day to go 140 miles out of our way to visit Best Friends, a well-known animal shelter nestled in the mountains of Southern Utah. To return to the interstate, we cut through Zion National Park.

We drove through Zion as the sun was setting and were absolutely stunned by its breathtaking beauty. Towering red rock formations surrounded us, glowing in the mellow end-of-day sunlight; we wound on switchback curves and drove through a mountain tunnel constructed in the Depression era. The park was pristine, unspoiled by human presence other than the road snaking its way alongside the clearest river I’d ever seen. As we slowly wound our way through the Park, I turned to Bryan and exclaimed, “We have to come back here someday so Dad and Kevin can see this!”

Often good intentions never materialize, but two months ago, the four of us actually did vacation in Zion. As we hiked through cool mountain passes; felt the spray of sparkling waterfalls on our arms and faces; and gazed at incredible, colorful rock formations, I said to my husband, “Isn’t this gorgeous? Do you see why I wanted you to see this?” I felt such joy sharing this place with the people I love.

It makes me think of Jesus when His eyes flickered open in the tomb.

His resurrected body would appear on earth for the next 40 days, but at the same time He had been raised into Heaven! Did He gasp in awe when He caught sight of the dazzling glory of His Home? Did He exclaim, “Father, I can’t wait to bring the ones I love here with Me!”

Isn’t it amazing that Jesus is eagerly waiting for us to come and see His magnificent home in Heaven? Who is it that you long to have join you there, so that you can ask, “Do you see why I wanted you to see this? Is it as stunningly beautiful as I described?”

Anne Cody

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  1. Anne,
    I am glad that you were able to share your experience of the beauty of Zion with your family. And I am glad that they will all join you in Heaven along with your Mom. There isn't anything better than that! In Christ, Patricia