Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don’t Make a Decision While You’re Running Uphill

I was huffing and puffing as I ran up the hill. With the end of the sidewalk in view I said to myself, “This is it. I am not going to turn around and run this path again. I am tired and I am ready to quit. Running is over for today.” 

Just the night before, I had decided to increase the length of my run by turning around and doubling up on the last section, which would improve my distance by about half a mile.

However, as I was running up the hill, thinking about my tired legs and heavy breathing, I was sure I couldn’t run another half mile. The additional distance seemed a good idea the night before, when I was only thinking about it. But at the moment — in the midst of the run — I did not want to do it.

Have you been in a situation where you had intentions of doing one thing, yet found yourself ready to change your mind mid-course because the journey seemed too hard? Pushing myself up the hill, ready to give in to my flesh and call it quits, I realized, I cannot make a decision while I am running uphill. The time for me to make a decision is when I am thinking clearly, because when I am in the middle of a struggle, my first and strongest inclination is to give up.

I am sure it was the Holy Spirit encouraging me to press on and stick to the decision I made before I faced the hill. So on I ran. I prayed for strength. I repeated Scripture to myself. I thought, “If I just had an Ipod, running wouldn’t be so painful.” (Yes, I am a deep individual!) I realized God was teaching me a lesson on perseverance. And I kept going.

How about you? Are you running uphill today? I pray you’ll know with confidence that Jesus is running with you. Hold on to Him. And, please, don’t make a decision while you’re running uphill.

Karen Hossink


  1. Karen,
    Good message and yes, I am kinda running up hill today...lots on my plate these last several months...thanks for asking. Patricia

  2. just what I needed to hear/read today!

  3. I have found myself in so many situations like that lately where I feel like everything is uphill. I am so grateful that I'm not running and struggling alone, though. That I have Christ with me..and my sisters in Christ right beside me.

  4. Melanie - Thank you. I love it when God speaks in the midst of ordinary circumstances!

    Patricia - I pray you are seeing Jesus - before you, behind you, and beside you.

    Jodi - His timing is perfect. Amen?

    Andrea - We're not in this alone. And that makes all the difference.


  5. GREAT advice!! And I actually took this advice, you know the outcome!! Like I said, GREAT ADVICE!! *wink*


  6. It's so easy in the middle of a trial to change your mind ... Good for you for sticking to your original decision!

  7. Patricia - Thanks. Now, if I can just take my own advice every time I feel like giving up. *grin*

    Jerri - Yes, it is easy. But I always feel so much better when I stick to it.