Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Full to Overflowing

When my grandson Jack visits we usually head to the kitchen sink for some dishwashing time. You know, the kind of dishwashing a two year old would do – fill the sink with water, throw in a few plastic containers, and let the water run ever so slowly. Well, when Jack washes the dishes it is an experience in engineering.

He places each container in a line on the counter, takes a measuring cup and fills the one closest to him. He looks carefully to see if he should start on the container next in line but promptly changes his mind and continues to fill the first until it is overflowing! I try to save the kitchen from flooding by emptying that first container into the next only to be met with an outcry from Jack because I've ruined his plan of letting the first container be continually filled and overflowing.

Now, there are several applications one can make from this picture of Jack and the dishes but I’m going to go with the overflowing one today. Imagine what God could do through us if we allowed Him to continually pour His love, compassion, understanding and patience, just to name a few attributes, into us so that we were full to overflowing with Jesus Christ. We could have marriages that really work. We could have friendships that are authentic. We could lead people to the heart of God. Don’t let this day go by without filling yourself with Jesus Christ. Spend time with Him through prayer and Bible reading. Take a walk and just say, “Fill me up to overflowing with you, Lord.”

Cathy Bytwerk
Coordinator of Women's Ministry, Trinity Church

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  1. Oh! And how many times do we throw a fit at Him - for messing with OUR plans???

    Thanks for this thought, Cathy.